Weapons of mass persuation?

Normal blogging will (hopefully) resume in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I wanted to share this gem from Al Gore’s 2006 TED talk (Don’t bother watching it from start to finish, unless you’re into trash stand-up comedy.)

“Help with the mass persuasion campaign that will start this spring. We have to change the minds of the American people. Because presently the politicians do not have permission to do what needs to be done. And in our modern country, the role of logic and reason no longer includes mediating between wealth and power the way it once did. It’s now repetition of short, hot-button, 30-second, 28-second television ads. We have to buy a lot of those ads. Let’s rebrand global warming, as many of you have suggested. I like “climate crisis” instead of “climate collapse,” but again, those of you who are good at branding, I need your help on this.”

I know a perfect comparison to this, alas, it is a) in German and b) politically very incorrect. As people will not compare the abstract concept, but historical background (which is not what I mean to imply), I am going to leave you with this mysterious remark without going into further detail.