Denialism and the Asch Conformity Experiments

This is another blog about comments made on the economist. Specifically one made in response to the travesty of the UK Met Office five-year-decadal-prediction I already wrote about, in which the new forecast fails to show any warming, whereas the old was a classic hockey stick graph. A fellow commentator told me: “As you can see from the graphs, the MET Office still expects a LOT of warming. Hardly reassuring.” (Emphasis not mine.)

Well no. I don’t see any warming on the graph and I can prove it beyond all doubt.


Those are both graphs in one picture. The upper blue line is the old forecast, the lower blue line is the new forecast. The vertical black line marks the end of the five-year-decadal-forecast of 2012. The horizontal lines have been added by myself. Neither the UK Met Office, nor, where I copied the graphs from, saw fit to add them themselves for clarity. The blue forecast line does not surpass the past global temperature averages, period.

Any other interpretation of the graph is wishful thinking, but certainly not a new phenomenon:

People bow to the social pressure of 5 people. When 5 people are enough to make people lie about what they see – what happens when there are 5 million? What happens, when there is a global campaign of mass persuation? What happens, when those 5 million are caught in an information bubble of their own making?


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