Bloody Murder

And another head has been shot. And apparently a stomach. And two legs.

The only way to “stop Qaddafi from fleeing” from a dozen pursuers out of the confines of some “hole in the ground”, was apparently a plethora of well-aimed shots at close enough range to hear him utter his last words.

It is reminiscent of the French Revolution of 1789 or the Glorious Revolution of 1688 – although the centuries old love-affair with decapitations seems to have been replaced by head-shots. There was a time, when we, as a civilization, were advanced enough to realize that murder just leave a vacuum. It leaves the grievances and injustices of the past just hanging in an act of brutality that may well turn out to be an inspiration for yet more of the same.

As I’ve already said in a previous post, there is too much money, too many weapons and quite possibly too many rival factions, only united by their desire to see Qaddafi dead, in the country to take this lightly.

There is such a thing as human rights. But they are not like the law of gravity. They are not real. They are followed by conviction. But the routine we are seeing in which high-profile criminals are being killed regardless of circumstances which undoubtedly allowed them to be captured alive – no matter if Qaddafi or Bin Laden – is setting ever new examples of human rights being blatantly ignored.

Of course, putting such people to trial is inconvenient and troubling. But it is the only way that human rights allow us to deal with them. It’s not dead or alive. It’s alive if in any way possible.  Period. Otherwise, human rights are no longer rights, but fair-weather-talk of people trying to show off their good-guy-credentials.

3 thoughts on “Bloody Murder

  1. Good post. You can also add the assassination of American born terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen by drone strike. The US no longer just kidnaps, but kills now.

    Qaddafi has done a lot of secret and dirty deals with the UK, France and even the NTC of Libya. Too bad we will never know the juicy details.

    • The recent assassinations of inconvenient subjects (like a certain individual recently caught in Pakistan and plunged into the Indian Ocean) was the main motivation for this post. People follow by example. If the USA goes out on manhunts and kills, despite the opportunity to capture the subject and bring it to an orderly trial, this does have an influence on the way people in other countries deal with such issues.

      It also affects how people will chose to deal with American subjects whom they think it would be “inconvenient” to bring to a court and grant them the right to have a trial – by taking the roles of judge, jury and executioner in their own hands.

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